Facts About This Website

Can I legally rely on this site?

Content contained in this website summarizes the rules and policies of the HOA's, but the website is not a substitute for your review of actual legal documents.

Can my spouse have a separate login on the website?

Go to Your Profile. Click on add a level 2 participant and fill-in all the information.

Not every member is listed in the Member Directory?

In "Your Profile", each member must choose to be listed in the directory, and pick the items to be visible. Please visit your own "Your Profile" and adjust your "Privacy Settings" to share the information you want others to see. Remember that this website is secure and available only to residents of our community, so plan your information inclusion accordingly.

Who has access to my e-mail address if I list it on this Website?

This website is available only to homeowners within our community. Homeowner e-mail addresses placed on this site shall only be used for corporate notices and document delivery initiated by the Association, and except in the case of emergency shall not be used for other communication purposes. Such e-mail addresses are not deemed part of the Association membership list and will not be made available to homeowners or others for use in mass distribution or otherwise.

How do I change my mailing address information?

You can change your mailing address in your profile. You can not change your unit address nor the name on the title to your property.

I don't think I am getting all of the eblasts that are sent out. What do I do?

Not sure you are getting all of the Associations eblasts? Many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) block emails unless you approve the sender or sender's Domain Name. Some ISP's provide a specific list you can create for approved senders, but all providers use your email address book as an approved sender list. So to be sure you are getting all emails from us add a contact for Rancho La Quinta Homeowner Associations and put admin@rlqma.com and noreply@rlqma.com in the email address boxes.