Architectural Review

Rancho La Quinta has a distinctive look and feel, unlike any other community in the area, and you purchased your home with the expectation that this look and feel would be maintained. Over time, without restrictions, this classic look that we all love so much would be eroded (along with property values). Our volunteer Architectural Committee of Rancho La Quinta homeowners, is charged with preserving our community aesthetic harmony. They receive advice from professional consultants such as engineers and architects and in all their actions, they must do what is in the best interest of the Community, which is to review projects and base approval on conformity and harmony of design, in relation to surrounding improvements and the effect on neighboring properties.
One of the biggest advantages of living in a common-interest development community is the ability of the Association to preserve, protect and enhance property values. Often, we think of the Association as a collection of rules and regulations limiting personal freedoms and individuality. However, it is those same rules and regulations that protect, preserve and enhance the investment each of us have in our home. As members of the Association, we are doing part of our duty by following the architectural guidelines and obtaining approval from the Association before any exterior changes are made. 
If you wish to make a change to your property and believe your changes blend into the surroundings and are consistent with the original common design, then follow these steps:

Review the Guidelines:
You received a copy of our Architectural Guidelines, as well as other legally binding documents, when you purchased your house. Please read your Association's Architectural Guidelines and review the application requirements carefully, before submitting your application. Don't forget to review the approved Rancho La Quinta Architectural Color Schemes.
Master Association Architectural & Landscape Guidelines
Ventanas Architectural Guidelines Supplement
Casitas Architectural Guidelines
Submit an Application:
Submit your application, along with any other required documentation, to the Association office. Please allow the allotted time period for your application to be reviewed. Incomplete information will delay your project. You will find the application forms in the Document Library, or you may also see them below:
Master Association Architectural & Landscape Application
Ventanas Architectural Application
Casitas Architectural Application

Obtain Required Governmental Permits:
While the Committee enforces community guidelines, you are responsible for obtaining local building permits. These are generally required for any changes that breach walls or foundations. The Committee requires copies of any required permits and inspector certifications. For more assistance with Permits, visit the City of La Quinta Planning Department - Permits & Applications.

Architectural Committee Review:
(A form submitted via email, does not constitute a submission.)
The Committee will review your application and may perform site inspections. They will contact you if there are any questions or concerns with your request. Remember, the Committee is comprised of volunteers who meet periodically, so incomplete applications might delay the approval process.

Approval or Rejection:
You will receive written notice that your proposed project has been approved or denied. If you have questions about the decision, please Contact the Association office.