Facts About Living In Our Community

Who do I contact if I want to update my gate entry information?

You can update your gate entry information by logging into the Gate Access Software. Once on the site, click on "My Account". While you are on the site, please review your vendor or other lists to be sure they are current. 

I love all the green grass at Rancho La Quinta, but are we wasting water by keeping it green?

All common areas and the golf course are watered by Colorado River canal water. Canal water is the least expensive water that Coachella Valley has available. Further, since our irrigation system is self contained, any water that runs off the grass into the drains ends up back in our lakes which is where it comes from to begin with. So our watering is highly efficient.

Is there U.S. Postal Service inside our community?

There are two U.S. Post Offices within several miles of our community, but no services exist inside our community. However, if what you are looking for is a secure Post Office Box to drop your mail in, then take your mail to one of the many community mail boxes. Each contains a drop slot for outgoing mail and is secured behind a locked door.

Are there Rules in place to settle homeowner disputes?

Unless the problem is one causing a common area problem or a direct CC&R violation, homeowner disputes should be settled between the parties involved. Your Board is not able nor willing to serve as referee between neighbors. In any community, whether governed by an Association or not, homeowners run into personality clashes, pet problems, and other neighborhood issues. Often, the problem can be easily resolved to the satisfaction of both parties with no hard feelings, as long as there is open communication between the parties.

My neighbors wall plantings obstruct my view. What do I do?

If, after the owners have made a good faith effort in writing, to resolve a dispute concerning views, there is still a dispute between owners, the dispute shall be submitted to the Architectural Committee for review. The Architectural Committee shall then make a determination as to whether the plant material/hedges constitute an unreasonable view obstruction pursuant to its authority in Article 6, Section 6.12 of the CC&Rs. An obstruction shall be “unreasonable” if it exceeds forty-five (45) degrees to any one side.
The Architectural Committee may also determine the maximum height of plant material/hedges in dispute, which may vary from the standards and specifications referenced in the plant height chart in the Architectural & Landscape Guidelines. The determination of the Architectural Committee shall be binding. In all cases, the Board of Directors shall determine whether a violation exists.
If an owner fails to perform the necessary pruning, trimming, or thinning, the Association shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter upon such Separate Interest for the purpose of performing such work.

What is deemed a Common Area Facility?

The Rancho La Quinta HOAs own what is referred to as "Common Area Properties", which include all property leased, owned or maintained by the three HOAs. The common area is for the use and benefit of the members of the Associations. It includes private streets and alleys, signs, fountains, statuary, swimming pools and adjacent buildings, landscaping, sprinkler systems, walls, green belts, parking lots, median islands in cul-de-sac streets, and centralized mail boxes. In general, it's all the property that isn't yours or is part of the Country Club Property.
Except for the homeowners in the Casitas Association, you own your front yard, but the HOAs are responsible for maintaining the Lot Landscape Maintenance Areas,  in other words, the landscaping and irrigation systems within these Areas. The HOA does not maintain your driveway, courtyard walls, the exterior of your lot or any other structure located on your lot. The Casitas Association does own everything on the exterior of your residence walls and maintains all of those facilities.
The Country Club Property is Common Area, but restricted for use to only those members who have joined and pay the separate fee. The Master Association and the Casitas Association members are members of the Sports & Fitness Center as their dues is included in their HOA fee. The Ventanas homeowners may join the Sports & Fitness Center by paying the separate fee. Any homeowner may join the Golf Club by paying the separate fee. 

When selling my home, who at my Association office do I need to contact?

At the time of sale of your property, the association will be asked for pro-ration information by your escrow officer. Our management company, Desert Resort Management, provides a website where your escrow officer or your realtor can request resale transaction processing, completion of lender/mortgage questionnaires, property inspection requests, realtor fact sheets, appraiser information and more. Please visit their site at Automated Escrow Services.

Can I pick the fruit from the trees?

It is difficult to overlook the abundance of fruit trees in our community. Homeowners are encouraged to pick the fruit from trees in their yards and in the common areas. The Landscape Committee has a policy that all winter fruit remaining on the trees will be picked after April 1 to discourage rodent activity.

Who handles trash removal in our community?

Our community currently uses Burrtec Waste for trash removal and recycling. They can be reached at (760-340-2113) or at Burrtec Waste . Pickup day is Thursday for the entire property unless there has been a Holiday on a Monday when the pickup is delayed one day. Recycling pickup is on the same day of service. Click Recyclable for a list of what is recyclable.
Interestingly, your property taxes pay for the trash pickup, but the Master and Casitas Associations pay for "courtesy walk-up" whereas the Ventanas do not. So if you are in the Master or Casitas Association, you do not put your trash at the street. Further, you are allowed to have three 32 Gallon containers with handles and lids, but plastic sacks are recommended to eliminate redundant trips to your yard.
If you have an unusual item, such as electronics or something unusually large or heavy, you must call Burrtec to arrange for a special pickup. Depending upon what it is, Burrtec will tell you that your item must be placed at the curb even though we have "courtesy walk-up" service. In this case you must notify our HOA office that you have such a requirement and they will notify security so you won't be ticketed.

Do we have Cable TV and Internet in our community?

Included in your homeowners dues is Frontier FiOS, a fiber optic TV & Internet distribution system. You are provided with the Preferred package of TV stations, one cable box, plus HBO, Showtime & the Golf Channel. Further, you receive internet at 100/100 Mbps speeds with a router included. 

Is there a Homeowner Directory?

The Associations do not produce a printed directory of Homeowners. The Associations do produce the member directory seen on this site. If you don't find the person you are looking for it is likely that they have elected to hide their information and it won't appear in the member directory.

Who has the right-of-way when entering the Community?

The through road always has the right-of-way. Our entry gates at Jefferson, Adams and 50th street are "T" intersections where entering vehicles must yield to vehicles on the through road. The through road at the Jefferson gate is Rancho La Quinta Drive and Mission Drive East. The through road at the 50th street gate is Mission Drive East and West. The through road at the Adams gate is west bound traffic on Descanso Lane (the stop sign is only for east bound traffic on Descanso Lane).

At the corner of Mission Drive West and Calle Brisa there is another T-intersection you should be cautious at. At this intersection, the right-of-way is for Mission Drive West southbound only. You will see a stop sign at northbound Mission Drive West and at Calle Brisa. Mission Drive West southbound has the right-of-way to continue on Mission Drive or to enter Calle Brisa. If you are northbound on Mission Drive West, do not proceed past the stop sign until you confirm what direction the southbound traffic takes.