Facts About Access To Our Community

How do I contact the Jefferson Gate Command Center?

You can call the Command Center at 760-564-5575.

Who is allowed access to our community?

With the exception of emergency services, police and other enforcement agencies, only homeowners , their guests and vendors are allowed access to our community.

Are Process Servers allowed on our property?

Yes, by law we must admit Process Servers. We can’t in any way impede the process server in the performance of his/her duties. This means that we can’t notify the person to be served of the presence of the Process Server.
Prior to admittance we verify that the Process Server has the proper identification and proper licensing. If the person being served is not in residence, a Process Server is authorized to wait on property for a reasonable amount of time in an effort to complete service.

Does a Repossessor have access to our community?

No, unless access is granted by a homeowner.

How do I grant access to guests or vendors?

You can access our Entry Gate Software and authorize your guests by following the instructions on the site. You can also call the Command Center at 760-564-5575 and they will enter the data for you.

How does our Perimeter Access System work?

Our community now has a state-of-the-art perimeter access system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Our Jefferson Gate Command Center houses a bank of video screens and computers that keep track of our gates and exterior walls. Remote cameras track and video any unauthorized violation of our perimeter walls or entry gates and relay that information to our patrol cars.
Our exit gates feature a laser tracking system that activates each time a vehicle (or person) enters its field of vision. The lasers can determine the direction of movement, so any unauthorized vehicle will be immediately recorded and tracked if it tries to enter the community through the exit side.

How does our Transponder Entry System Work?

When you enter a gate area be sure you wait behind the sensor line until you are the next vehicle. The "fast arms" will be closed in front of you. Proceed forward into the transponder sensor area and the "fast arms" will go up. The arms will stay up until your vehicle clears the ground sensors which are beyond the area where the gates would close on your vehicle. If a vehicle, without a transponder, attempts to tailgate, the “fast arms" will likely close on that vehicle, cameras will record it, and our patrol cars will be notified.
The transponder sensor area varies depending upon atmospheric conditions, the type of transponder you have and where it is placed on your vehicle, so your individual sensor "trip area" will vary. It is possible that your vehicle could trip the sensor before passing the sensor line. So if the vehicle in front of you clears the gate closure area and the "fast arms" stay up, you may proceed through the gates.

How do I get a entry gate transponder?

All entry gates into Rancho La Quinta have limited access. Homeowners may enter any gate by using a transponder, available at the Jefferson Gate Command Center. To get your transponder, feel free to stop by the Jefferson Gate or call 760-564-5575 for an appointment. There is a fee for each transponder issued.

How do I access the entry gate software?

On the HOME PAGE of the website you will find a link to the entry gate software. But in addition, you can access it by Clicking Here.

Can I receive notification when someone is granted entry through the gates to my residence?

In our Gate Access Software, you can edit your preferences and request an email, text message or both be sent to you whenever gate access is granted to someone going to your residence. Please contact the Command Center immediately (760-564-5575) if access should have been denied.